Quantafic Data scientists help customers data driven decision making.
Data Analytics is offered as a service wherein we support the BIU team by performing descriptive analytics or predictive analytics or by providing skilled resources.
Customer can benefit from Quantafic Data Scientists skills by setting ODC with Quantafic or augmenting own team with Quantafic resources operating from own premises.
Our BI expert help customer in representing data in various dashboard and reports.
Our expertise of AI and ML help in building complex predictive models and python and java skills help in automating risk or marketing data models.
Python and java development skills can be used for process automation or building bots for various purposes.

Risk Analytics

- Application Score Card​

- Collection Score Card​​

- Behaviour Score Cards​

- Differential Pricing basis Risk​​

- Risk Categorisation​​

Campaign Management

- Marketing Campaign​

- Retention Campaign​​

- Activation Campaign​​

Descriptive and Predictive Analytics

- Portfolio Analysis​

- Customer Profitability Analysis​​​

- Vintage Report​

- Next Best Product​​

- Marketing score card​

- Customer Value Score​​

Image Processing

- OCR to capture details from Image​

- Masking section of Image​​

- Highlight / Underline specific sections / words from Image​

- OCR for multiple languages​​

Business Intelligence (BI)

- Report​

- Dashboard​​

- MIS​

- Sentiment Analysis​​

Resource Augmentation

- Data Analytics as a service​

- Analytics ODC​

- Skilled resources​

- SAS, Python, Tableau, PowerBI, ETL tools, SQL​

- Data Mart/ Data Warehouse​

Risk Analytics

Application Scorecards

- Product/scheme level scorecards to predict loan applicant’s propensity to default on loan.

Benifits :

- Uniform decisioning

- Faster decisioning TAT

- Risk based pricing

Collection scorecards

- Soft Collections scorecards

- Recovery models

Benifits :

- Better collection productivity

- Optimize account allocation

Behavioral scorecards

- Scorecards that study past behaviour on loans to estimate the behaviour on new offering

Benifits :

- Very useful in offering top-up and refinance facilities

Fraud models

- Study patterns in historical frauds during loan applications to optimally support screening and sampling process.

Benifits :

- Ensure better sampling of cases using pattern driven predictive scorecards.

We expertise in various analytics tools like: