QClaim, Quantafic’ s digital expense processing application is a cloud-based software solution that automates the expense management process for businesses. The application is designed to help organizations save time and reduce errors associated with manual expense management processes.
The application provides a streamlined interface that allows employees to easily submit expense reports, receipts, and other documentation from anywhere, at any time. The application can be accessed via desktop or mobile devices, making it convenient for employees who are on-the-go.
QClaim application uses OCR and machine learning algorithms to automatically capture the expense details from image of bills thereby reducing the manual data entry for employees. QClaim allows line manager to review the team member expense claim through mobile application or portal and approve it instantly. This help in quick approval of expense claims and greater employee satisfaction.
Additionally,the application integrates with popular accounting and ERP systems allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows. This also enables real-time synchronization of data, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
QClaim provides comprehensive dashboard and reports, including insights into spending trends, expense categories, and other key metrics, providing businesses with the data they need to make informed decisions and manage the cashflow.
Overall, Quantafic's digital expense processing application (“ QClaim”) is a comprehensive, efficient, and user-friendly solution that can help businesses automate their expense management process and save time and money in the process