Business rule engine automates the expert knowledge for repetitive use. Rule engine is the brain of software applications. It needs to provide quick and accurate response similar to human brain for any query raised with it.

QRulez, a rule engine product of Quantafic, designed for IN-Memory processing of rules. IN-memory processing feature, along with pattern match algorithm allows QRulez to execute huge volumes of rules within fraction of seconds.


Advantages of Q-Rulez:

In-Memory processing helps in large volume of rules in fraction of seconds.
Rules are easily maintainable.
No limitation on number of rules and type of rules.
Rules can be modified and deployed without bringing down the application.
QRulez, support configuration of various types of rules.
Mandatory constraints

Rule that rejects the attempted business transactions.


Rule that tests conditions and upon finding them true, initiate another business event, message, or other activity


Rule that creates new information from existing information based on mathematical computation.


Rule that creates new information from existing information. Result is a piece of knowledge used as a new fact for the rule engine to consider.

QRulez in-memory processing feature empowered one of the lender to evaluate every loan application against 21 loan schemes and each scheme involving more than 15 business rules for eligibility check and 10 business rules for eligibility calculations and all these rules are processed in fraction of seconds.